Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding / Sealing #3: Aaron & Melissa

January took us back to Vegas to celebrate the wedding of Aaron (Andy's brother Aaron, not my brother Aaron) to Melissa Earl in the Las Vegas LDS temple.  It was another beautiful day with a beautiful couple.  This wedding was especially fun for Andy and I to catch up with TONS of old friends that we hadn't seen in WAY too long.  At the dinner the night before the wedding Aaron & Missy totally surprised everyone with their rendition of Islands in the Stream accompanied by a live band including none other than the musical stylings of Brendan Bybee on guitar, Andrew Lowe on bass guitar, Chaz Hales on keyboard, and Rusty Guthrie on drums.  It was awesome!  That kicked off the karaoke and was so fitting of this fun-loving couple.  The wedding the next day was really cool, very vintage and as my friend Leesee called it "Victorian Eclectic".  Whatever the proper name for Missy's style, the reception was gorgeous.  

Keegan rocked it on the dance floor.  I have no idea where that came from!  (Oh wait, I think my roommates from college would say they know where he learned to bust a move.  Am I right HDR girls??  Those were the days - but I digress.)  Keegan was complimented all night on his moves, especially the robot and attempted breakdancing moves and headspins.  A couple of our friends even told us that Keegan was their hero on our way out.  It was a proud moment as parents to see his fearless command of the dance floor.  Graham pretty much rocked the treat table, helping himself to old fashioned lollipops, mini cupcakes, and anything he could snatch containing sugar.  Good times were had by all!

This was the final wedding of Andy's siblings so we were so excited to get another sister-in-law in this family of boys.  We are so happy about the addition of Woan and Missy to our family.

 Brendan stealing a moment with us.  Aww.

Melissa's mother and grandmothers' wedding dresses


Kim said...

Good times! Keegan really was king of the dance floor that night. And remember Braeden's impromptu disco dance with that other kid? Hilarious!

Brad and Leslie said...

Your boys are getting so big April, and you look GREAT!